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Valkyrien Warfare

Status See: LICENSE file

The Airships Mod to end all other Airships Mods. Better compatibility, performance, collisions, interactions and physics than anything prior!



Official and stable releases of the Valkyrien Warfare mod can be found on the CurseForge page.

Beta releases (warning: may be unstable!) can be found on the Jenkins build server.

Installing on your server

To install Valkyrien Warfare, move the downloaded .jar file into your Minecraft’s mods/ folder, just as you would any other mod.


Make a flying ship

  1. Build a structure somewhere in the air, not connected to the ground.
  2. Place a [Physics Infuser] on it.
  3. Right click the Physics Infuser.
  4. Place a [Pilot Chair] on the ship.
  5. Right click the [Pilot Chair] to get in, and then use W, A, S, D, X, and Space to navigate.

Make your ship hover without a pilot

  1. Place (multiple) [Ether Compressor] on your ship
  2. Place a [Hovercraft Controller] on your ship.
  3. Right click the [Hovercraft Controller] with [System Linker].
  4. Right click all [Ether Compressor] with [System Linker].
  5. Right click the [Hovercraft Controller] with your hand and set the Hover Height Target at the Y-level you wish for your ship to hover at.



  1. Clone the repo: git clone
  2. Copy in the eclipse/ folder from a fresh installation of the Forge MDK
  3. Run ./gradlew setupDecompWorkspace eclipse
  4. Open the project in Eclipse


  1. Clone the repo: git clone
  2. Run ./gradlew setupDecompWorkspace idea genIntellijRuns
  3. Open the project in IntelliJ